If you have a WordPress website or wooCommerce eCommerce website – and looking for optimisation, contact us now [email protected]

It is a must to have a high performing and high speed WordPress & WooCommerce sites. This helps you in not only getting the high SEO scores but also enhances the user experience on your website.

We have launched a special offer to work on any WordPress/WooCommerce site and improve the performance. You can sign up for this offer at a special fixed price of $1000 USD ~ 3800 AED.

We will apply some or all techniques as described below to improve the performance of your site:

  1. Improve Website Load Times & Reliability
  2. Optimize backend code like CSS, HTML etc to reduce the size of the code.
  3. Optimize the images and video files.
  4. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  5. Leverage Browser Caching
  6. Enable GZIP Compression
  7. Recommend the Right Hosting Plan
  8. Disable/Remove Features You Don’t Need
  9. Optimize WooCommerce Settings for Performance
  10. Upgrade to a fast WordPress/WooCommerce Theme
  11. Use plugins like WP Rocket, AutoOptimize, WP Optimize
  12. Database Optimization
  13. Increase WordPress Memory Limit
  14. Disable get Refreshed Fragments AJAX Request
  15. Updating all plugins and theme files
  16. Implement Caching to reduce the number of requests your site handles
  17. Limit Post Revisions
  18. Delete unused Themes and Plugins
  19. Use latest PHP version

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