Still, thinking about whether to migrate to Shopify 2.0 or not.

Here are the following new features of Shopify:

1. B2B on Shopify – Sell to your retail and wholesale customers both from one store.
2. Shopify Markets – Everything you need to sell worldwide – Set price lists and domains by country and sell in each country’s local currency and language.
3. Shop Pay – This is a new payment method from Shopify. You get benefits like buy now, pay later, Special offers on Shop Apps, etc.
4. Discount Combinations – Combine different types of discounts on the same order
5. Shopify now offers pre-orders, subscriptions, and “try before you buy” apps
6. Shopify Audiences – Generate a list of buyers that are likely to purchase the type of products you sell
7. Twitter Shopping – Sell your products directly on your Twitter profile and tap into an audience of hundreds of millions of users.
8. YouTube Shopping – Instantly sync products to YouTube channels and create live shopping experiences
9. Shopify Collabs – Shopify Collabs is an affiliate and Influencer management platform from Shopify. Find creators, build community, and sell more products.
10. Linkpop – Make your link in bio shoppable
11. Shop Cash – Grow your business with Shop Cash rewards
12. Point of Sale – Sell where people shop—in person, online, and everywhere in between
13. Checkout Extensibility – Customize your checkout with powerful apps and branding tools
14. Search & Discovery App – Increase conversions with customizable search, filtering, and product recommendations.
15. Merchants can set app spending limits in the Shopify Admin
16. Custom automation – Build custom automation with a simple trigger-condition-action interface to match the exact needs of your business.
17. Shopify emails – You can run email campaigns directly from Shopify now. No need to have a third-party email app. You get templates and automated workflows in Shopify Email.
18. Shopify Inbox is a free messaging app that lets you turn chats into checkouts.
19. Shopify Segmentation tool – Understand your customers better, group them into unique segments, and deliver personalized messages.
20. SHOP App – SHOP App is a Mobile App from Shopify. It has free re-engagement tools like post-purchase offers, personalized product recommendations, and prioritized search.
21. Admin Enhancements – Dozens of improvements to the Admin dashboard
22. Shopify Fulfilment Network – Shopify Fulfilment Network helps you grow your business with verified 2-day delivery. Benefit from free storage for six months per item so your upfront costs are low and returns are simplified.
23. Shop Promise Badge – The best way to earn trust with billions of buyers
24. Shopify Shipping Goes Global – Shopify Shipping is now available in the UK and France
25. Shopify Flow – Shopify Flow lets you build custom workflows to automate commerce-specific tasks, like inventory tracking, fraud detection, and email campaigns.
26. Shopify Balance – Shopify Balance is a free money management account for your business, so you can skip the bank and manage your money in your store’s admin
27. Shopify Capital – Quick, hassle-free funding for Shopify merchants
28. ShopifyQL – Analyse data and generate insights straight from your app—with minimal effort
29. Marketplace Kit – Build shopping experiences into any platform with flexible APIs
30. Hydrogen + Oxygen – The Shopify stack for headless commerce.
31. Unlock exclusive products and experiences for your community with NFTs and Tokengated Commerce
32. Liquid for Themes – New Liquid references allow you to build themes even faster.
33. Planet – An app to power carbon-neutral shipping and connect with customers. Make all your deliveries carbon neutral.
34. Upgraded Theme Architecture
35. Fresh, Beautiful & Speed Optimized Shopify Themes
36. Better Store performance
37. Easy to manage (drag and drop) sections on product pages (you don’t need to code it now)
38. Sections on Collection pages
39. Sections on other pages
40. App blocks on theme
41. The checkout page is faster and can be customized through apps
42. Improvement to Theme Editor. A fresh editing experience
43. Improvement to Metafields
44. Theme check error testing
45. Dynamic sources
46. File API/File Picker
47. Host and manage assets
48. Github Integration

This is the right time to upgrade your Shopify Store to OS 2.0.

Currently, we are running a Special Offer to upgrade your Shopify Store to 2.0. Please let me know if you want more information about this.
Contact us now.

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