Here is a simple shopify hack about how you can save any shopify store images as JPG and not WEBP. Simple and straight trick.
Shopify compresses the images uploaded and delivers it in WEBP format via its CDN network for faster loading stores and that’s the best practice. But if you are looking to save any images from any random shopify store, you cannot save it as JPG or PNG, as it will always save as WEBP format.

So, here is a hack – so can save the shopify store images to JPG directly.

Open shopify store website on SAFARI browser. Click on the image and right-click for – COPY IMAGE ADDRESS

Now open the same URL in a new window. It should look something like this –


Just remove the last part of URL where it’s like ?v=1629822776


And reload the same image again with this URL structure alone –


Now right-click and select – SAVE IMAGE AS – JPEG and save it.

You are done!

Published On: May 14th, 2022 / Categories: Shopify /

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