QubeSys is an India based IT outsourcing company that focuses on quality, timely delivered and cost-effective offshore software development services . With on complete focus on advanced techniques, project management and delivery flexibility, we make sure, you are getting the success level with your business. . Our global software outsourcing model makes sure we deliver maximum success and profit to your business.

With the current demanding work culture and heavy pay check demands , companies are facing problems in hiring those costly resources in house and thus getting no benefit from their projects. That’s where, we come into action, providing cutting edge services and solutions for prices, which are sometimes, quarter of what you pay to your in house developers.
Outsourcing your projects to us can be really fruitful, since you feel to be in the right hands, who care for your business and help you in the time of the crisis.


Software Companies :

Software companies from US, UK and Australia are always looking to outsource their IT projects and have a dedicated off-shore development center. Such companies can surely contact us with their proposal , since we have a great team of result-focused professionals, who are very very serious about their job.

Web Design, Print and Media Companies :

Lately we have been getting a lot of proposals from small and medium sized business owners, who are from Web Design, Print or Media companies. Those companies get a lot of full website development project calls, which they are either not able to handle or accommodate , and so they contact us for getting all such projects done for them and make long term contracts.

Individuals with a strong customers base :

Many individuals who get projects from job portals, business word of mouth or near and dear, they make a good customer base slowly and they are also looking for a good One-Stop Solution point, where they can get their things done for a minimal cost and in the given deadline.

Service Resellers :

Few companies, who don’t have a in-house team or work in a different field, also keep an interest on taking web design and development projects. For them, we work in a special pattern, where they send us the client requirements and we send them a price and proposal for each of those projects. Then they add their commissions to that proposal and get the deals from the customer.


  • Confidentiality of your business when you outsource to us
  • Our programmers work exactly with the requirements
  • On time completion of projects
  • No compromise on quality
  • Clear contract and terms
  • Helping our customers in times of crisis
  • Price Justification
  • We just keep our relationship limited to our partner and never approach their customers.

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