Windows mobile is the mobile operating system developed by Microsoft for hand held devices. Windows phone 7 is its latest version. With a simple and straightforward interface, it supports a wide variety of functions and phone configurations. At QubeSys,we keep numerous programming options on our plate when it comes to windows mobile application development. There are various languages that could be used to build a functional application for windows mobile (windows phone). Visual C++, C++ and C# could be used for development and also client side JavaScript as ‘internet explorer mobile’ supports Jscript.AJAX programming techniques could be used to set a facilitated user interaction environment. While JavaScript is used for client side solutions, ASP.Net could be used as a server side solution in the development of internet styled applications.

Windows phone 7 development environment is based on .NET compact framework, Silverlight 3 and XNA.Some tools like Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Expression blend are also preferred if needed. Windows mobile supports more than 18,000 third party software programs providing you more software choices which means more convinience.Qubesys technology, helps you achieve your business goals by delivering fully loaded applications for your windows mobile device, providing excellent solutions for your business problems.

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