Web 2.0 is a concept that describes the current principles and practices that are shaping the internet into a more user centered platform that has interoperability between objects on the web and interactive communication between and for its users. Websites like Google and Wikipedia could be called as the “web 2.0” websites that have a high level of user participation.Similarily RSS feeds could also be included as an example of what we could call a “web 2.0 innovation” that provide a plethora of information sharing for all of its users. As the internet platform is on a perpetual beta mode, new innovations and improvement on older novelties are a part of its life cycle.

Here at QubeSys, we believe in designing products that shine the reflection of future in them. In other words, we keep in mind when designing our products that they must be engineered to fit the sophistications of its future improvements and present needs. The concept of web 2.0 maybe esoteric for many but the practical realization of this concept could be seen all over the web. With double clicks being replaced by Google adsense, users participation highly encouraged all over the web and user based ‘folksonomy’ that makes taxonomy look like an ancient mammoth in an ice cube. They are all part of the internet’s revolutionary change that makes it looks like a culmination of different entities loosely held, but together.

QubeSys Technologies provides you services that will help you take advantages of this technological revolution and have an enlightened web experience.

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