A Tribute to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs BlackUnless you are living under the hood, you must be knowing that, our most admired and beloved Apple co-founder, Steve Paul Jobs is no more among us. I just feel like, I’ve lost someone from my own family or someone very close to the heart. He was not just the Apple founder , but someone whom I admired more than anyone else and took the inspiration.

He is the one, who revolutionized modern-day life with inventions like the iMac,iPhone, iPod and the iPad and those are the things, which we use from the very start of the day to the end , until we goto bed. I myself have been a very early user of Apple and its products, and have never looked back after that. Our company sales might have gone over the roof, keeping the best reason as Apple and its products. We work on Apple devices for more than 20 hours a day and do 1000s of transactions with it. This is not a technology, but something which empowers life with an ease and comfort! And this was all made possible by this great person!

The worst part was how I came to know about Steve’s death. Yesterday, while I was returning to my office-town from the hometown, the iPad push message , pushed some 3-4 lines from NY Times Application. I normally ignore those, unless thats a message from PayPal! But this time, I don’t know, but it made me read that, “Steve P Jobs, Apple Co-Founder dead at the age of 56”. I was dumb-stuck for a moment or more. I got the great man’s death notice on the same device, which he gave it to me. Felt like, I have really lost someone, who I could never afford to . This might be the first time, I felt this on someone’s death after years. I still feel the pain, how we were all attached to him.

This might be a fancy story for someone, who is not known to Apple , its products or Steve , but for those who are known to him or worked with him, are insanely touched. Since then, when I reached office, I kept looking at the iMac, Macbook Pro, iPad , iPod, etc and kept recollecting how this person used to get up at the Apple events, speak with the style , pause in style, etc. Im terribly down since yesterday. Nothing to cheer for, but sorrow all throughout!
So, we decided to pay him a tribute by expressing our feelings for him and how we are touched, with a Steve’s tribute banner on our homepage for this week!

And we are also getting a huge 26×42 inches banner done for the CEO’s cabin in memory of Steve! Here is a snapshot of it.

Steve Jobs Banner
Rest in peace, my friend.

Rest in style and I would never wait for a 2nd Steve Jobs again, since loved ones are once in a lifetime!