Symbian operating system is a mobile operating system used mostly in Nokia hand held devices and originally developed by Symbian ltd.Built on a 32-bit code base, it has a highly object oriented design with pre emptive multitasking included and is used in more than a third of total smart phone devices being used worldwide. Generally object oriented programming is used for Symbian application development using carbide C++ or Symbian C++ and many more options to choose from.

SDKs could be also used to provide development environment. Our team of skilled mobile application developers optimizes the problem by isolating hindering components to give you furnished and effective application according to your needs.S60 is a software platform that was designed for Symbian operating systems and available as open source. It has a suite of libraries and inbuilt functions that empowers your phone with those outstanding features you may have noticed in any other phone or wanted to have in your device.

Here at QubeSys, we provide you with effective applications for your Symbian based devices, tailor-made to your requirements. We use our unique skill base to provide you with outstanding products and help you achieve your cooperate goals.

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