Qubesys is known for its perfect business solutions. We provide business solution on virtually anything and everything under the sun. We provide the content management system that is best suited for schools and colleges.

At Qubesys, the various core professional work up to meet the requirements in order to fulfill the need of properly customized content management system to ensemble the requirements in school and colleges. The various services provided in this field are:

Library Management System:
This is the most fundamental requirement of any school or college. This helps in the proper indexing of the books and journals that are available in the library at any given period of time. This is also a boon to the librarians who can track back the books with respects to the students who have taken them. Now get freed from all sort of paper work and register maintaining stuffs and enjoy the digital renaissance with the library management system.

Attendance Monitoring System:
This is yet another important functional part of any school or college which can be maintained in a very efficient manner with the attendance monitoring system. At the end of the session or the semester, the total percentage of attendance can thus be retrieved quickly through it.

Online Class Tests:
This feature shall free you from the long and laborious task of correcting the individual papers. Online class test provide the students with quicker results and a proper analysis of their weak areas.
Qubesys helps you to achieve all these and a lot more. So get the perfect solution for schools and colleges for better and effective results.

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