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The infrastructure of QubeSys Technologies comprises,

Hardware Infrastructure:

Workstations for software development, testing and support facilities.
High-end systems for professional Development and Multimedia work.

Internal Training Facilities:

In-house staff training facility to train the freshers with LCD Projector (beamer), and other interactive tools.

Internet Connectivity:

We have a dedicated leased line of 8mbps for all our development facility supported by a backup broadband cable link incase the leased line fails.

Virtual Dedicated Servers for Application hosting, Testing and Client presentation:

For websites and application hosting, testing, client presentation and for sensitive data storage, we have co-location servers with one of the best data center in USA with all the latest Firewall installed.

We have an internal virtual server on Real IP for our clients to view the status of their development work on production servers at any phase of their development cycle thereby providing complete transparency in our facility.

Communications Infrastructure:

  • Local US Phone to deal with our US based customers.
  • We use VOIP based phone to call into our clients globally and to receive calls into our office with local US numbers and toll free numbers for clients and potential customers globally.
  • We use online collaboration tools like Active Collab, Team Viewer for online demo, training, user acceptance and collaboration.
  • We have video conferencing facility for interaction of our team with our clients internationally.
  • 24 x 7 Voice over IP calling facility is available for cost effective calling to our clients globally for long discussions on projects.
  • Support via IM networks like Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk and AIM .

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