Hourly basis :

This method is for the big projects and for those, who clearly mention to get charged in hourly manner. Normally, we don’t suggest this for small projects, which are better charged while done in Project Basis manner. Well, we do have a competitive hourly rates and they vary for services to services. For PHP, ASP.NET and iPhone Development, it ranges from 40-60 USD/hour. For Joomla and WordPress Development, it ranges from 30-40 USD/hour and for Magento Development, it costs 60-70 USD/hour.

Project basis :

This is the most preferred way for most of our customers. This way, you know, how much you are going to get charged before hand and without any unexpected mishaps in payment stuff. Whether its a Big or Small, or a Bug Fixing consulting, project basis charging works the best and cheapest as well. With hourly, you might end up with a huge bill always.So, we suggest this method to all of our customers.

Contract basis / Managed facility :

We at QubeSys are equipped with some sophistical working culture and environment. Our office infrastructure is a good example to tell you about our power and resources. On this method, we assign dedicated resources to you, for a fixed pay, depending on the skills and experience of the candidate. They works for 5 days a week or 40 hours a week for that pay scale. This way, you save a lot in human resources management and also can get rid of having guys under a payroll.

Onsite Consulting :

Many projects are delicate and that might require special attention and personal visit. In that case, we can send our most talented software engineers or project managers to our client locations, who can operate from there and get things done. Elements like VISA, boarding, fooding, etc should be borne by the customer. However we give you a much better resource package deal, which saves you a lot of money.

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