PHP is server-side scripting language. This means that the code sent from the client is processed at the server and the reply is sent in form of an HTML page. It is used in number of websites to provide tailor-made replies for every client request. Its execution is quick and is available open source, making PHP a potent tool for web development. It has been used on a variety of popular websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Digg, WordPress, etc. At Qubesys Technologies, we have employed PHP for the development of our website GUI to give you a more interactive experience. Being a server-side technology, the user does not need any special plugins to view PHP pages. PHP has been known to be quite stable and over the years many of its bugs have been corrected by the open source community. It’s upgradation since its creation in 1995 has been quite steady and new features have been added to satisfy the current needs of the developers in the world. Qubesys Technologies uses the latest version of PHP in the development of its web portal, providing cutting edge services.

One of the core reasons for the popularity of PHP among developers is its simplicity. Anyone having a decent knowledge of other languages such as C, C++, etc. can quickly learn the tricks and trade of PHP. Another reason for the popularity of PHP has been its flexibility. It can be used on any operating system available, be it Mac, Linux or Windows. It also allows for a lot of tweaking within the package according to your requirements. Another advantage is the seamless functionality with MySQL, an online database which is also open source. Qubesys Technologies works with these two web development tools to provide its clients with a sophisticated and brilliant web experience.

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