Soumendra Jena CEO

Driving force behind the whole QubeSys Team. Apple fanboy, passionate biker and a professional photographer too. Good at planning and complete project management.

Amrita Das Technical Writer

Handles website content writing, technical documentation and client proposal presentations. Slow at delivery, but perfect with quality.

Santosh Manik Senior Software Developer

PHP rockstar, he is! Handles our Joomla, Magento Support Helpdesk and extension development. Good at bug fixing and application debugging.

Satyajeet Sahoo Software Developer

Kick-ass HTML5 and CSS3 developer! Very responsible at what he does! Handles every request carefully. Good at debugging browser compatibility issues.

Sasmita Nayak PHP Developer

Famous for making PHP mistakes, but good and responsible at what she does. She is yet to learn many things. Handles the R&D on new applications.

Risikanta Jena Data Analyst

Responsible and very very capable guy who concentrates on his job more than anyone else. Good at lead management and email marketing.

Umakanta Jena Data Analyst

Handles accounts and finance. Also takes care of Qubesys Blog and social media marketing. Helps to drive our photography team and is a quick learner.

Debraj Jena UI Designer

Calm and composed. Handles our graphic and web design section. Also good at video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.