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Motion Graphics is an art in which a Motion Graphics Artist uses video footages and animation technology to create the illusion of motion through rotation. In Motion Graphics usually audio is combined to form an interesting presentation of graphics with sound. In other words, a film can be created using motion graphics. During olden days, traditional methods were being used in motion graphics. People used to do it manually. Now days, computers are used in calculation and presentation of footages which is cheaper and less time-consuming than traditional forms of designing. A few computer programs like Adobe Flash, Adobe after Effects is increasingly accessible by the Motion Graphics designers to create amazing designs. It is a less time-consuming and a very convenient approach.
Motion Graphics is a method through which a motion graphics artist can create a film or a touching story or can spread ideas and awareness among the audience. It is one of the most beautiful ways of graphical presentation of video footages. Unlike info graphics, it uses video footages or animation technology to create an illusion of motion.

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