Magento Online Microfiche IntegrationMicroFiche stands for a diagram, which can accommodate a number of items into one single page. Online MicroFiche Systems have gained a wide popularity among the companies, who wants to  sell OEM parts of cars, motor vehicles or computer hardware, etc. online. Its makes the Online purchasing of OEM parts with microfiche diagram, easy and flexible.

Online Microfiche Integration with Magento

MageFiche is our new product/service, where we help you integrate your online Microfiche Systems into the Magento eCommerce System.  Lately, we have done such integrations for few companies, who wanted to offer services like motor Parts Finder and Buying of those spare parts.  Since, Magento is a widely used eCommerce system, with all the robust features and ability, it’s the best one have this integrated, making the sales flow go real easy and smooth.

And here is how it works. We can integrate any Online MicroFiche System to your Magento store, where the products from the MicroFiche system are added to the Magento cart in the fly and you can process the full order in the normal way. We can pull the parts ID and make them as Magento SKU automatically, so you can track your orders easily.  Those products don’t need to be present in the Magento database.

We have Integrated HLSM OnlineMicroFiche for one of our customer’s Magento store. Please contact us to see a complete working demo or request a quote and we will get in touch immediately.

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