By now, you must be already knowing the power and capability of Magento, the best and robust eCommerce platform available right now in the market. Its by far the best eCommerce software to run your online business successfully. One of its most famous feature and offering is the Multi Store Website Setup . With Magento, you can have more than one store under one database. So to say, you can create multiple websites and stores within one Magento installation and manage all of them from one single admin backend console. Multi Store feature also helps you to make multi-lingual eCommerce stores.
Magento Multi Stores can either different domains on different locations or different sub-domains, etc.

Here is a case study :

Lets say, you want to sell Computers, Cameras, Designer Wear, Watches and Cellphones on your store. Literally, you will need around 5 websites to be done in order to sell them. But with Magento, we can really make this workflow super easy to handle.

So, here is how we solved this issue with Multi Store Functionality.
We created two stores , one for Consumer Electronics and one for Apparel.
On Consumer Electronics Store, we will make three websites, one for Computers, one for Cameras and the last one for Cellphones. Then on Apparel, we will make two websites, one for Watches and another one for Designer wear collection. And for each, we can create different categories , so everything stays in an organized manner. Sounds awesome, right ?
Everything stays at once place. We display it to the customers like 5 different big online stores . Sales, products, categories everything stay at their own place, which you can see in a well organized manner.
This is how Magento Multi Store Setup is helpful to your website .

How we can help you ?

Here at QubeSys, we have a team of talented Magento Professionals, who are constantly working on Magento to make it good, useful and extending it. We have been famous for our Magento Upgrade Service and Magento Multi Store Setup Service. So, if you are looking to get your Magento Multi Store Setup done, then let us know your requirements and we would be happy to assist you with a free quotation and turnaround time.

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