Our Process :

Here at QubeSys , we believe in smooth processing and sound technology usage in less time to get things done for the customer . In order to do that, we concentrate on various aspects, which are vital parts of a contract or project.

Project Requirements :

When a company or an individual contacts us for a project or contract, we first ask them to send us their complete project requirements document or the contract proposal. That can be sent to us via our REQUEST A QUOTE or CONTACT US page. Or it can be directly emailed to our project manager, info@qubesys.com .

Project Analysis :

Once we have received the Project Requirements document, our technical team will go through it and make a ballpark estimation of price and timeframe required for the specified project. Then we send it to the customer for the review of the estimation and once its confirmed, we make the proposal and the deliverables list. Then we finalize about Payment and Milestones.

Implementation :

After the project is confirmed from the client site, we will start working on the project on our demo server. Once we are done with the project, we will show the final version from our server.

Project Status and Updates :

We are known for our great customer service. Throughout the project, we will keep our customers updated about each step and status of the project. For this, we have set up a specialized Project Management Panel , where our developers and clients are given special access and accounts to access the project status and tracking. There, the customers can ask questions, add their questions, answer to the developer’s question, etc. So, a completely transparent and flexible working strategy to get things done in shortest time possible and in cost-effective manner.

Maintenance and Support :

After Project delivery, we give support for a specified time , which we define on our proposal . Its normally 30days of free support, on the work done by us.

Payment Terms :

For each project or contract, we are very strict about the payment policies. Since we believe on the quality of work we do, we expect the same from the customer, which gives a boost to work. Once the project money is confirmed, we ask for the first 50% of the agreed figures to be deposited. Once that is received, we start working on the project. After the project is done, we show it to the customer and once its confirmed as final from the customer’s side, we ask for the final 50% of the payment to be made. Then we transfer the project to the client’s server.

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