GUI Kits For iPhone & iPad Development

Here is a nice collection of GUI Kits, Icons and Images for your iPhone, iPad, iOS Development Projects. All comes with complete source files.

1.iPhone PSD Vector Kit

2.Phone GUI PSD Design Template

3.iPhone Design Stencils – Yahoo Design Pattern Library

4.Ultimate iPhone Stencil (OmniGraffle)

5.iPhone 3G Stencil (OmniGraffle)

6.iPad and iPhone Design (OmniGraffle)

7.FreshBooks iPhone Application GUI

8.iPhone GUI as Rich Symbols for Fireworks

9.iPhone UI Vector Elements

10.iPad GUI PSD Design Template

11.iPad Vector GUI Elements

12.MobileMe Full iPhone GUI

13.Matte iPhone UI

14.MobileMe Full GUI

15.iPhone 3G-3GS PSD

16.Apple iPad: Fully editable PSD

17.Apple iPhone 4G .PSD

18.iPhone Toolbar Icons


20.iPhone Toolbar Icon Set

21.Free iPhone Toolbar Icons

22.30 Free Vector Icons


24.Touchscreen Hand Gestures v2 (OmniGraffle)

25.Gesturecons – Multi-Touch Icons