Flex is a combination of programming languages and application framework that are used to create rich applications. It uses XML as a mark up language and Actionscript widget is usually a graphic user interface for the user that contains information that can be changed by a user. With animated flash inclusion and the ability to create attractive graphic and interactive applications, flex is an icon in the field of widget creation.

A widget can any time be enabled or disabled by the user which determines its responsive or non responsiveness to its target events. Its name is inspired from the original widget which means a place holder for manufactured objects it’s also a short-hand for window gadget. They could be called as mini graphic user interface applications that provide a dynamic interaction with the user and perform their required tasks. It could be anything from the simplicity of a desktop clock to the complexity of a GPS enabled user interface.

Here at Qubesys Technology; we design eye catching widgets that not only provide your required functionality but also improve the aesthetics of its location with its elegant look.

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