Flex is an open source framework that is used in web application development and helps developers in creating rich internet applications. Its main feature is to provide rich client side application behavior. Other than having classes, components, a compiler, a class library and a debugger, it uses MXML for declarative markup of components.

The main idea behind the utilization of Flex is to create applications for the internet that work as smoothly as any other software installed in the any computer. The Flex application server is a J2EE application that helps the browser load the compiled flash file, while the components and objects are made using Actionscript.It helps you build applications for the internet that have real time interactivity and rich interface and lets you choose from a variety of scripting languages when creating components and integrating them with Flex.

Here at Qubesys Technology, we provide you with Flex integration using JAVA, .NET etcetera to build rich internet applications for you and help you with outstanding Flex solutions for your business problem.

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