Flex components in its development framework is the entity that can be used to prototype or build applications also as an isolated functioning object(in case of plug-ins) working in a collaborative environment. Flex components are a great way to increase your flex functionality and deploying numerous features to your website or web application. Like every software, every flex component has a life cycle with an initiation phase, an update phase and finally the destruction phase. The flex application framework uses action script that runs the client side scripts and controlling the application behavior in client side.MXML is used for managing objects while the class library of components lets you add a superfluity of functionalities using built in components and custom components.

When building UI components using Actionscript, we try to extend it much higher in the inheritance so it has a wide functionality but take as little space as possible.

At QubeSys, we provide you with scalable and outstanding components that are robust in design and shoot up your application’s functionality. Our teams of expert developers start by defining the component you desire and the purpose you wish it to fulfill. It is then created through a swift but methodical process and crafted to your every need in a cost effective manner.

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