Flex is a development framework that is used to build rich and interactive applications for the web. It lets one choose from a numerous programming options like Actionscript, JAVA, PHP, JavaScript or any other scripting language. Applications that are built using Flex are usually wrapped in a SWF file that is loaded into the flash player of the browser. Flex supports various diverse modes when it comes to application development and with highly evolved client side solutions; it helps in designing applications that are bandwidth efficient to the core.

When designing applications using flex, client side solutions are provided using JavaScript and AJAX while PHP, JAVA and .NET could be used for server side programming. Adobe Flex builder is a novelty much preferred in Flex application development while MXML is used to build graphic interface. We follow highly standardized practices when developing applications using flex for creating ‘state of the art’ applications that cater your needs while having outstanding aesthetics.

Here at QubeSys Technologies, we use Flex to provide you with expressive and highly responsive web and desktop applications that are intuitive and rich in content while keeping it cost effective and bandwidth efficient.

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