[FIX] Google Chrome Extensions wont install, hangs on checking

Last week, I wanted to install READ IT LATER extension to my Mac Chrome browser for saving all of my important links for reading them later, but the damn Chrome Web Store was acting weird, and dint let me install the extension. When I clicked on INSTALL, it got stuck on CHECKING and nothing happened. After hours of research and debugging, I was able to fix it and here is how I did it.

So, I wanted to install READ IT LATER extension, whose url is,


First I need to grab the .CRX extension source file. So, In order to get that, I had to apply a trick. Here is a URL,



Replace [EXTENSION_ID] with your original extension code. For example, for the above Read it Later, the code is niloccemoadcdkdjlinkgdfekeahmflj . (last part of the extension url)

So, final url for me to grab the .CRX package was,


So, I got my .CRX file. Then I renamed the .CRX file to .ZIP . Since Im on a Mac, the inbuilt Zip wont recognize or uncompress this file correctly. So, I had to send that .ZIP file to my windows system and unzip it there. Then I zipped it and sent back to my Mac.

Then I had to goto Chrome > Settings > Extensions > Enable Developer Mode.

Once the Developer Mode is switched on, you will see a new button, LOAD UNPACKED EXTENSION. Simply click on it and point it to your unzipped folder of that .ZIP file on your Mac or windows.

Thats all. ALOHA! You are done.


I wish, Google fixes this problem soon, or its a headache to do too much , just to install an extension.