Drupal is an absolutely free of cost, open source content management system (CMS) implemented with the help of PHP. Drupal core installation can be used as a brochure ware website, a single- or multi-user blog, an Internet forum, or a community website providing for user-generated content. Drupal also finds its uses in the fields of business collaboration and knowledge management. Even some of the most popular websites like whitehouse.gov, London.gov.uk, economist.com and many more have implemented the extensive use of Drupal. At Qubesys technologies we use Drupal’s more than 6000 ‘contrib.’ modules and built in core modules to manage your websites and its functionalities. Drupal can run on any computing platform that supports a web server capable of running PHP 4.4.0 and a database to store content and settings. Since its web inception in 2001, the open source community has contributed to extend its core capabilities and add new features. Qubesys Technologies uses the latest version of Drupal to manage your web portal, providing best services possible.

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One of the benefits of using Drupal is its modular design, which isolates Drupal core’s files from contributed module and themes, increases flexibility and security. It also allows Drupal administrators to cleanly upgrade to new releases of Drupal core without potentially overwriting their site’s customizations. Other than core distribution functionalities like Multiple-site support, Multiple-user content creation and editing, it also provides core themes for improving the aesthetics of site and customizing it to the client’s wishes.

Qubesys technologies works with these development tools to give its client a comprehensive web experience.

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