Blackberry is a line of mobile devices and services designed and marketed by Research In Motion (RIM). Blackberry devices are stylish and fully equipped in functionality that lets you stay in touch while you’re on the go, with built in multimedia support, camera and much more. It has a superior reception quality and could also be configured to work as a pager. At Qubesys we use its numerous development tools and environments to give you fully loaded applications that are reliable, feature rich and optimum blackberry solutions for your device. Applications for blackberry could be built using Blackberry Java SDK environment or eclipse environment.

Development environment like Microsoft Visual Studio could also be employed to build blackberry applications, if desired. Blackberry has a fine Application Program Interface which helps us to build applications that are feature rich and easy going with its API.Java could be used to build themes for your Smartphone or to create web-based applications and much more.

Here at Qubesys Technolgy, we believe in pursuing the best development habits and practices to provide you with intelligent applications for your blackberry device. Our team of dedicated developers put special emphasis in designing applications that cater your exact needs and provide the best solution for your blackberry device.

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