ASP.NET is a web application framework that is designed and developed by Microsoft and is used widely for creating web applications, websites and providing web services. It allows programmers to write in any .NET supported language, thus letting them improvise and innovate while creating applications and websites. This is known as common language runtine.Since its release in 2002 ASP.NET has gone a long way and thanks to a perpetual development process, it is now also available with support for mobile devices. It is used in application and website development with ‘web forms’ or ‘web pages’  which are the fundamental building elements for application development in ASP.NET.

Mostly a code behind model is recommended and preferred by developers when scripting, as it makes it easy to focus on the design without disturbing the code behind it. It’s most noteworthy advantage is that it makes it convenient for developers to pre compile their ‘code behind’ files before deploying it which makes it easy to check for any tweaks if needed.

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