Web technologies have gone a long way in their implementation through the years and so has AJAX. It is now a popular technology preferred for creating and applying easy login in popular social networking sites such as digg.com. It was the endeavour of Google to first use Ajax powered web application that gave them better success. Due to this there was a large scale functionality as well as performance boost. Google autocomplete is one such example of the one such way in which the dynamic features of AJAX can be relied upon. Flickr is the best example of application that uses AJAX that does the task of  photo storage. It could also be incorporated with embedded flash for dynamic content management.

Although AJAX has a very tempting set of features, it is important to know when to use AJAX and when not to. The greatest advantage of AJAX over other scripts is that it remains hidden if the source is tried to be viewed. The only drawback is the slow loading which can still be compensated. If the page loading fails then it simply shows itself as a broken link. Thus evaluation before execution is the key to success.

At our firm, all such mentioned and unmentioned uses and functions of AJAX are put to test. We look forward to innovative yet efficient modules that challenge and eventually enhance our skills. The aim is not only to create interactive web applications but intelligent web applications.

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