Flex is basically used to produce GUI’s for websites. The task of providing animated layouts dynamically on a website is a tedious task. But with the help of flex, one can create animations swiftly without spending much time. Here at QubeSys, our developers use flex to create rich web applications within the specified deadline to provide you with latest and the greatest. Flex provides a programming model that can be easily comprehended. The Flex SDK comes with a lot of commonly used interface components such as buttons, lists, layout containers and other features like animation effects, form validation etc. Flex forms the presentation tier in a multilayered model of communication i.e. the renditions from flex forms the visuals of the client. The advantage of using flex is that the applications do not need to constantly reconnect to the web server to provide the user with updated data.

Many major changes can be done in a page without the need to reload the page with a new data. This dynamic nature of flex applications makes them perfect for websites which require heavy client interaction. QubeSys has readily made use of these advantages of flex in creating a sophisticated user experience for its clients. After the creating the GUI’s and visual layouts, one can connect the flex applications to data services to provide the back end services such as invoking methods on JSPs, messaging, data download and management. This provides for the infrastructure related to the server-side data management for flex applications, making the development holistic. Blaze DS is an example of open source data services for flex.

We, at QubeSys, provide ample services for the development of flex applications to suit your needs.

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