100+ jQuery CSS Image Hover Effect Plugins

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3D Thumbnail Hover Effect

Scrolable thumbs Menu

Hover Slide Effect

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3d Shading With Box-Shadows

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Pseudo-Elements Animations And Transitions

Flipping Circle Slideshow

Sticky Caption Concept

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Fast Hover Slideshow

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Fullscreen Background Image Slideshow With Css3

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Thumbnail Proximity Effect With Jquery And Css3

Bounce Hover Effect

Hover Caption Effect

Parralax Image Hover Effect

Image Caption Hover Effect

Direction Aware Hover Effect

HTML CSS Caption Image Hover Effect

Simple Image Hover/Flip Effect

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Diagonal Image Slide Transition

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Adaptive Thumbnail Pile Effect With Automatic Grouping

Koola Zoom jQuery Plugin

Image black and white switch with jQuery

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BookBlock – Flip-Book Plugin

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Flat Folio

CSS Directional Image Hover Effect

Iconic Buttons – Hover Effect

Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery

Beautiful Thumbnail Hover Effect

Beautiful Thumbnail Hover Effect With Caption

jQuery Thumbnail with Zooming Image and Fading Caption

Blox Hover – jQuery Image Hover Plugin

12 Free jQuery Hover Effects

12 Awesome jQuery Hover Effects

Responsive List + Flip effect

Flat Responsive Sliding Boxes

Gallery hover expand

Fade-ing/out Magnifying Glass Overlay Hover

Magnifying glass for image zoom using Jquery and CSS3

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Hover Black & White jQuery Plugin

Windy – Image Preview Plugin

Draggable Image Boxes Grid

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